2017 Results

Post date: Apr 21, 2017 1:25:02 PM

On behalf of San Gabriel’s PTA, we are happy to announce the results of our Kick-A-Thon. Our students raised a total of $29,503 with 51% participation. This means that we’ll have a Color Run on May 19th to celebrate meeting and exceeding our fundraising goals. Details on the Color Run, permission slips, and photo releases for participating students will follow in the next few weeks.

The Classroom Contest winners are:

Our 2 Top Earning Classrooms (pizza party): Mrs. Sherer and Mrs Reaney’s classes.

The Top 2 Classes with the highest participation (ice cream party): Mrs. Sherer and Mrs. Blakeman’s classes.

The Top Earning Teachers ($50 gift card): Mrs. Reaney (PreK-3) and Mrs. Sherer (4-6).

A PTA member will contact these teachers to schedule the parties and deliver the gift cards.

Our Top 12 Earners who will get to go into the Prize Room early and get to have a special lunch with Mrs. Ames are:

John W (Sherer)

Celtin V (Moore)

TJ P (Reaney)

Collin S (Van Horn)

Colby G (Moore)

Vincent K (Moore)

Cameron P (Myers)

Allison E (Reaney)

Julian O (Platz)

Donovan Bl (Calderwood)

Levi (Sherer)

Corrine S (Cooper)

The Prize Room is scheduled for Thursday, May 4th. Students who earned a trip to the Prize Room will receive the schedule of entry times, instructions, and list of prizes on Friday, April 28th or Monday, May 1st. We want to give the students and their families time to review and prioritize which prizes they might want. Also, a parent or guardian is welcome to join their student in the Prize Room to help them make their selection. The Prize Room inventory is updated on the Kick-A-Thon website frequently (as soon as we get new prizes), so students can check kat.sangabrielpta.org/prizeroom for the latest information.

Last but not least, we have our logo contest winner and raffle winners:

The winner of the 2017 Kick-A-Thon logo design is “Power Gator” created by fourth grader Levi A who wins an extra trip to the Prize Room.

The Silver raffle winner who also gets to go to the Prize Room is Owen O (Blakeman).

The Bronze raffle winner who will get a Kick-A-Thon t-shirt is Jayda B (Leoni).

And the raffle winner who will receive a Kick-A-Thon water bottle is Joseph C (Myers).

Here is a breakdown of the results by classroom and teacher. There were a lot of close competition.

Jodie and I would like to thank you for all of your effort and support of the Kick-A-Thon. Every year, it seems like a daunting task, but through teamwork and with some fun, we manage to see our school and kids raise these incredible amounts of money. It’s truly a great accomplishment and couldn’t happen without your encouragement and reminders. So thank you and go Gators!