1. What happens if we miss the May 1st 3pm deadline to turn in our pledge sheet and money?

The May 1st deadline is firm. We want to be fair to everyone who turns their money in on time for the various contests. Also, our committee needs to immediately start preparation for all the awards and prizes, such as ordering shirts and water bottles. If your student is sick or has a planned absence on the date of the deadline, please make every effort to turn in your money early or by 3pm on May 1st into the school office or online at http://kat.sangabrielpta.org/donate. We can continue to accept pledge sheets and donations after the deadline, but we we cannot change the results of the contests. If your student qualifies for entry into the Kick-A-Thon Prize Room, they will be allowed to enter the Prize Room. However, their entry time will be after everyone who turned int heir money on time before any raffle winners.

2. What happens if my child is absent on his/her kicking day?

We have classes scheduled to kick nearly the entire day on Wednesday, April 3rd and Thursday April 4th. Your child's teacher can decide whether to send them to the lower field to kick upon their return and we will do our best to fit him/her into our schedule. There is usually some extra time in between classes. However, if they are not able to kick and get their speed recorded, they can still collect Kick-A-Thon donations by asking for a flat donation amount and, therefore, be eligible for the other Kick-A-Thon prizes. Unfortunately, they will not be eligible for the Bionic Booters award for the fastest boy and girl kickers in each grade.

3. If the order of entry into the Prize Room is determined by the total amount collected, what happens when there is a tie?

The student who collects the most Kick-A-Thon donations gets to enter the Prize Room first, then the student with the next highest total, and so forth. In the event of a tie, we randomly select the order among everyone in the tie. After all the students who raise at least $125 go to the Prize Room, then we will have the prize winners from our Silver Award raffle drawing, and Logo Contest go to the Prize Room. In the event of a tie in the other contests, we would look at awarding prizes to both/all the winners.

4. What is the Fifth Grade Kick-A-Thon Challenge?

Our Fifth Graders have been involved in fundraising for Camp KEEP all year. This is a huge endeavor and we want to commend and support their efforts. We are challenging the fifth grade classes to raise over $3,000 in the Kick-A-Thon. Everything that they raise above $3,000 will go towards their Camp KEEP fundraising. For example, if 5th grade raises $3500 in the Kick-A-Thon, the PTA will contribute $500 towards Camp KEEP. The more money they raise, the more it will help them go to Camp KEEP.

The Fifth Grade classes' involvement in the Kick-A-Thon is important to fund the remaining activities for the current school year, including assemblies, and the Battle of the Books. Since the Kick-A-Thon also determines our next year's budget, we are asking the fifth graders to pay-it-forward and help our incoming kindergarten classes. Lastly, there are great individual and classroom incentives for them. Not to mention, the tax deduction for their sponsors for their Kick-A-Thon donations. It's a win-win for everyone.

5. What are San Gabriel's plans for a Celebration Assembly if the school raises $25,000 in the Kick-A-Thon?

If we reach our school goals, then we will have a Celebration Assembly consisting of Minute-to-Win-It games with Mrs. Ames and staff. Students who earn a Kick-A-Thon t-shirt may be invited to participate in the fun competition. It will depend on the numbers, but there will be student participation in the Celebration Assembly.

6. What is a tax deduction?

Charitable contributions to a 501c3 nonprofit like San Gabriel PTA can be deducted on your annual itemized tax return. Charitable contributions can reduce your taxable income and lower the taxes you pay. The eligible tax deduction is the amount of the donation minus any services or goods received. Since there are no goods or services received by the donor in the Kick-A-Thon, the entire amount of a Kick-A-Thon donation is tax deductible. Tax donation receipts are available here or in the office at San Gabriel Elementary. We are not certified public accountants or tax experts, so please consult with a professional for specific advice.

7. Where can I get a donation receipt for my tax deduction?

You can download one right from this link here.

8. What if my child wins a trip to the Prize Room from the Logo Contest but also earns a trip to the Prize Room for raising $125 or more in donations?

We are awarding entry into the Prize Room for our Kick-A-Thon Logo Design. If your child achieves the Gold Level Award which includes a trip to the Prize Room, then these other prizes will be added to that and your child would get two trips to the Prize Room. See response to question 3 for the order of Prize Room entry.

9. I have more than 1 child attending San Gabriel. Can they combine their donations to earn a trip to the Prize Room?

Yes, we will allow you to combine donations for children in one family. Please have your children turn in their pledge sheets so that their class and teacher can get credit for their classroom contests. If you would like to combine your children's donations toward one entry into the prize room, then please let us know by April 11th on the pledge sheets or by email. Combining your children's donations will get you an earlier entry time into the Prize Room (see Question 3), but your children will only get to select one prize. The alternative is that your children enter the Prize Room separately to each select a prize at a later entry time, if they each raise $125 or more.

10. How can I change the goal amount on my student's 99Pledges webpage?

The 99Pledges website required that we set a goal amount for each participant. We just selected $200 as a rough estimate, but understand that this may not work for everyone. The goal amount can be changed but must be done by the Kick-A-Thon Chairperson. So if you wish to change your student’s goal amount on 99Pledges, please email kat@sangabrielpta.org with your student’s name and their new goal amount.

11. What if I have other questions about the Kick-A-Thon?

We have done our best to anticipate the important information about the Kick-A-Thon and frequently asked questions. However, if there is something that is not clear or explained, please contact us through this website or e-mail kat@sangabrielpta.org and let us know.