posted Mar 18, 2016, 8:56 AM by Jodie Cohen   [ updated Apr 7, 2018, 11:29 AM ]

PTA would like to thank everyone for coming out to kick.  It was great to see everyone trying their best, having fun, and cheering their fellow classmates in the Kick-A-Thon.  Here are the winners of our Bionic Booter contest, that is the girls and boys in each grade with the fastest kicking speed:

Preschool:  Ramona H (35 ft) and Harlow L (22 ft)

Kindergarten:  Elle M (20 mph) and a three-way tie between Levi L, Timothy U, and Wesley (20 mph)

First grade:  Esperanza J (19 mph) and Carson S (30 mph)

Second grade:  Torah C (29 mph) and Ruben T (30 mph)

Third grade:  Aliyah P (33 mph) and Domenick B (38 mph)

Fourth grade:  Chloe G (41 mph) and a tie between Eric M and Amir R (36 mph)

Fifth grade:  Elizabeth K (43 mph) and Zachary B (46 mph)

Teachers:  Ms. Kaul (40 mph) and Mr. Z (45 mph)

Each of our winners will receive a $5 Yogurt Creations card that will be delivered after Spring Break.  Well done, Gators!